Team Group CF 1000X

Capacity :
64GB, 128GB



  1. Supports 4-channel transmission with 1000X speed
  2. Meets CF Type I standard specifications
  3. Supports CF6.0, Ultra DMA mode0-7, PIO mode 0-6 and VPG-20
  4. Compatible with high-end DSLR cameras
  5. Features error correcting code (ECC) for automatic detection and correction of errors
  6. Built-in wear leveling: wear leveling for memory will help increase the life of memory

Team Group CF 1000X

New High-End DSLR Cameras are coming on the market every day, Team Group is catching this wave by launching the new generation of 1000X High-Speed CompactFlash ® (CF) Memory Card. The Team CF1000X Memory Card follows the CompactFlash 6.0 specifications and is made from the state-of-the-art high-end control chips. It features excellent compatibility and stability, which allows excellent uninterrupted shooting experience in high-speed continuous shooting and high definition shooting.

High-speed quick shots leave no frame behind

The Team CF1000X is equipped with 4-channel transmission and supports Ultra DMA mode 0-7 specifications. It also features a super high bandwidth of 150MB/sec and supports VPG-20 (Video Performance Guarantee), which guarantees writing at 20MB/sec, a speed enough to catch every second of precious memory without missing any frame. The Team CF1000X speedy memory card satisfies the needs of professional photographers for high-speed continuous shooting and uninterrupted Full HD shooting. Now you can capture every second of your splendid life.

Large capacity for life recording

The Team CF1000X speedy memory card is available in the capacities of 64GB and 128GB, which gives professional photographers and gamers the freedom to make films or take photos without the disadvantage of not having enough memory to store precious moments.