Team Group CF 400X

Capacity:8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB



  1. 2-channel transmission performance
  2. Conforms to CF Type I standard
  3. Supports CF4.1 specification Ultra DMA mode0-5
  4. Supports high-end DSLR
  5. Built-in Error Correcting Code (ECC) for detecting and correcting transfer errors
  6. Built-in wear-leveling algorithm: Bad block management algorithm
  7. Low power consumption
  8. Cross-platform compatibility
  9. RoHS compliant

Team Group CF 400X

Team Group CF 400X super-speed memory card is designed for high-level DSLR cameras. The new-generation control chipset ensures perfect compatibility and high stability to fully display the performance of high-level photographic gears. The CF 16GB 400X from Team supports CF4.1 announced by the CF Association and uses the latest dual-channel Turbo MLC transfer to support Ultra DMA modes 0-5 and deliver a read/write speed of 60MB/55MB per second, in order to largely enhance image access rate and thereby help users capture the beautiful moments in life.