Enermax ETS-N30 HE

with High-efficient 9cm fan no LEDs


The ultra-compact 92mm Enermax ETS-N30 HE cooler provides outstanding cooling for your CPU with the acoustics of a whisper. It delivers an enhanced heat transfer and an optimized airflow, thanks to the unique Stack Effect Flow (SEF) and Vacuum Effect Flow (VEF) innovations. The HDT (Heat-pipe direct touch) technology provides rapid thermal conduction and eliminates CPU hot spots. The user-friendly ETS-N30-TAA CPU cooler is also easy to install.


Enermax ETS-N30 HE with High-efficient 9cm fan no LEDs


  • Side-Flow
    Compact CPU cooler with 9cm PWM fan and three 6mm high-performance heat pipes.
  • Optimized Air Stream Conduction
    Enhanced heat transfer and optimized airflow due to patented aerodynamic innovations: Stack Effect Flow (SEF) and Vacuum Effect Flow (VEF).
  • Heat Pipe Direct Touch (patented)
    The heat pipes rest directly on the CPU, so that the heat can be dissipated more effectively without additional resistance.


  • Easy Fan Installation
    User-friendly fan bracket for “One Click” fan installation: Screw the fan to the bracket and fix it with a “Click” at the heat sink.
  • Twister Bearing*
    Smooth running and persistent silent 9cm PWM fan with patented Twister Bearing Technology (min. 100,000 hours MTBF).
    *only ETS-N30-TAA
  • Eye Catcher
    ETS-N30-TAA with blue T.B.Apollish Advance LED fan. Patented circular LED light with 9 diodes and Sparkle effect.
  • Click Mechanism*
    Fan with detachable blades for easy cleaning from dust.
    *only ETS-N30-TAA

Comfort & Compatiblity

  • Compact Size
    Slim and performance-capable CPU cooler for systems with limited space.
  • Universal bracket for Intel® and AMD®
    User-friendly mounting system supports all Intel® and AMD® CPU: Intel® 775/1150/1155/1156/1366 and AMD® AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2/FM2+.
  • Effective Vibration Reduction
    Adhesive rubber strips to reduce vibrations of the installed fan.
  • High-Conductive Thermal Grease
    Quality Dow-Corning® thermal grease (TC-5121) for best thermal conduction between CPU and heat sink.


  • 1x CPU Cooler ETS-N30-HE/-TAA
  • 1x T.B.Apollish Advance blue 9cm PWM fan (only ETS-N30-TAA)
  • 1x High-efficient 9cm PWM fan (only ETS-N30-HE)
  • 1x Back plate
  • 4x Plastic washers
  • 4x Screw pillars
  • 2x Bracket mounts for Intel® CPU
  • 1x Bracket mounts for AMD® CPU
  • 4x Nuts for bracket mounts
  • 2x Fan brackets
  • 4x Fan screw
  • 4x Anti-vibration rubber strips
  • 1x Thermal grease
  • 1x Installation guide