Team Group CF 233X

Capacity:8GB, 16GB



  1. Complies with CompactFlash specifications
  2. High compatibility
  3. High read/write speed
  4. Stores data, music, image and video files
  5. Compatible with ATA
  6. Full IDE operation mode
  7. Supports operations at 3.3V/5V

Team Group CF 233X

Team Group CF 233X data read/write speed and capacity of traditional CF cards are unable to fulfill the needs of modern digital SLR cameras because the performance of high-level SLR cameras will be reduced when the data read/write speed of memory cards is not fast enough. Therefore, Team introduces the super-speed Team CF Card tailored for high-level digital SLR cameras.

Its super data read/write speed can make the camera action and image storage smoother to display the overall performance of high-level digital SLR cameras and to allow users to record the precious moments in an instant. With a wide range of capacity options: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, users can always find the best fit for them. Team delivers outstanding products to consumers with its excellent technology.